VI Updates: 16–23rd March

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3 min readMar 17, 2021


General updates

We are live and public on Seedrs. Sitting at 74% of our target soft cap in the first 2 days 💪

The team is responding and hosting meetings with interested investor groups from Seedrs and the initial response has been positive. We have another 38 days in this public sale phase.

Vid Litepaper is now live and a resource to share with any potential new investors.

VI GIVEAWAY: Our winner is Mirv! To see his Vid check out:

Next week we are excited to share our new app designs with you (they look great) and new app feature. All we’ll say is it’s crypto related and we’re excited.

Groups are so close to going live- Milica and the team are doing final bug testing and then we will ship V1 of groups to have you live chatting to one another in public and private groups on Vid app.

Some ‘scenario’ groups:

  • Official Vid: for all official comms regarding the app and educational info
  • VI investor group (unofficial)
  • Netherlands group
  • Crypto influencers group
  • Cooking content group
  • Exercise Vid’s group
  • Upcoming unicorns chat
  • Bugs
  • NFTS

Team updates

Jag this week will be working on the new UI/UX, Seedrs investor meetings and the new crypto app feature.

Josh is nurturing incoming investor leads from Seedrs.

Antek is working on cloud flare transcoding.

Andy has the same goals as last week: testing groups. He’s hoping to get a new support ticketing flow built, pending Antek’s time. He’s started working on the One wallet, breaking it down into pieces, and defining the flows based on the designs.

Bec will spend this week supporting Seedrs. Interviewing short list for social media manager/content creator. Looking to build out Vid’s exposure to the NFT conversation and AMA outreach with crypto groups.

Anon is spending this week working on the backend of the wallet.

Daniel has finished groups (server side). The app itself needs a little more massaging which he will be focusing on that this week (internal tests).

Stevan has completed working on Groups V1! He is now focusing on additional picture uploads and the refreshing bug.

Milica is completing last final tests for V1 groups. Once shipped she will focus on testing new changes for a new way of transcoding Vid to make sure that all Vids will play smoothly on every device. Besides that, regular testing of new changes(bug fixes) in the app.

Abbas this week will work on Vid player related issues.

Veljko focus this week is transcoding all devices to optimize the size of videos and improve streaming.

Bugs being worked on: Big bugs this week (same as last week) include continuing work on improving buffering and data consumption, and a very strange bug where sometimes Vids play with the soundtrack of another Vid on top of it.

Percentages complete:

  • Jag: 75%
  • Josh: 80%
  • Antek: 70%
  • Andy: 30%
  • Bec: 100%
  • Daniel: 100%
  • Anon: 100%
  • Stevan: 100%
  • Milica: 100%
  • Veljko: 100%
  • Abbas: 90%



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