VI Updates: 23rd February–2nd March

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3 min readFeb 23, 2021


Leadership updates:

Jag is working on the Seedrs private launch of our equity raise as well asDeFi wallet flows. Jag will be a guest on TheFirstTV this week which is a show that covers a range of topics like Blockchain. The segment will be available LIVE at approx 11:45 a.m. EST on THURSDAY. TheFirst is available on Viacom’s PlutoTV, Apple’s STIRR TV, GluedTV as well as on TheFirst App for iOS and Android and at It won’t be an overly large segment though great to continue promoting Vid’s brand and message.

Josh is continuing to look into BSC- in particular the timing of possible integration and launching of One. He will continue with Liquid Marketing Strategy as well as EIS/Advance Assurance Application.

Antek is working on Azure media services and starting to interview for new development hires.

Product, Marketing and Data updates:

Andy is now working on One wallet. Planning for the wallet includes building out timelines and specific goals and targets, detailing budgets, writing job descriptions for new roles, dusting off the recruiting sites, and assigning many to-dos to team members including Antek and Jag.

Rohan is working on how we can improve retention, engagement, and stickiness from an application improvement and data driven process (so product work, UI/UX improvement ideas, actionable analyses to take on etc).

Bec is continuing to work with Seedrs on the equity raise- pre registration is now live and we are really excited by the initial number of people who have signed up to invest. Continued influencer onboarding, community management, email marketing and hiring a social media manager are also a focus for Bec this week.

Development updates:

Anon is continuing wallet research and in particular looking at wallet exchange integrations for One.

Daniel will continue working on groups with Stevan. Now that Stevan has completed the home screen navigation changes he will focus his whole attention to groups — managing & Vids playback.

Abbas is working through bugs on login, Video processing, and new features enhancement on hand.

Milica is testing low end devices and investigating issues around ‘vibing’ on Vid.

Veljko is 80% finished with the thumbnail and will spend the rest of the week working on Vid size optimization, fixing processing for low end devices, vibe issue and double Vid’s playing on following/explore.

Extra announcements:

Designs for badges are being worked on, some ideas we are playing around with below:

Burn badge (for those who willingly participated in the token burn)

Investor badge (for anyone who will participate in the Seedrs investment over $1,000)

We will post a poll in our Vid channel and let the community decide on burn and investor badge design later this week.

Pre registration for Seedrs is now live- to all those who have already expressed their interest thank you- we have been very pleased with the initial interest. If you have any family, friends who might also be interested in pledging/investing make sure you send them to: .

The Seedrs private round where investments can actually be made will start next week and then it will be launched to the public on the following week!

We have a couple of new influencers we are welcoming to Vid this week. You may have noticed:

Bugs being worked on: Reducing data consumption, increasing app speed, assorted low-end Android device content creation bugs, previous songs playing in new vids, double vids playing and sending vibes.

Last weeks completion rates:

  • Jag: 80%
  • Josh: 80%
  • Antek: 70%
  • Bec: 90%
  • Andy: 100%
  • Rohan: 75%
  • Veljko: 80%
  • Milica: 100%
  • Stevan:80%
  • Abbas: 90%
  • Daniel: 100%
  • Anon: 100%



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