VI UPDATES: 2nd-9th March

General updates

Website: Vid will be launching our new website this week! The website will be organized by one main Vid page and then three sub pages for Vid’s app, the VI token and the One wallet. We have been really impressed with the designs and look forward to sharing the live site with you all soon.

Seedrs: pre-registration has been open for the last 10 days, and we have been blown away by the interest. Signups have tripled over the last week, so we are looking forward to taking this live.

Private sale should go live this week, allowing all pre-registrants to finalise payment for their investments.

The public sale will be the week after.

Thank you to all those community members who voted on the badge designs. Anyone investing over $1000 via Seedrs will receive this badge on their profile:

Vid investors badge design

Reminder that, for anyone investing in Vid, the following giveaways will be available:

  • Over $1,000- Investor badge on your ‘profile’ as shown above
  • Over $10,000- Free hashtag ownership
  • Over $20,000- Dinner with the founders

We now have the final version of the video which is listed privately on our youtube at the moment and will go public when the Seedrs public raise starts. You can view it here:

If you haven’t yet, check out Jag’s coverage last week on FirstTV:

Team updates

Jag this week will work on One wallet flows, groups testing and Seedrs Q&A.

Josh has reviewed BSC and assessed functionality and use cases for Vid and will be circling back post raise. Liquid marketing updates to come soon. Advanced insure is in motion. Further angel meetings to be held this week.

Antek is still focused on Azure media services and then will be helping out Andy and others with groups etc.

Andy can’t wait to start testing groups. He’ll also continue working on the One wallet, starting to break it down into pieces, and defining the flows based on the designs. Speaking of designs, he’s also reviewing resumes and portfolios for designers — so if you know any designers with social app backgrounds, who’d obsess over user experiences, let them know we’re hiring!

Rohan this week is roadmapping Data Science, Insights and Machine Learning, starting discussions around proposed changes and how to implement in the best way possible, and is primarily focused on ‘Explore’.

Bec is continuing on Seedrs comms- there will be emails going out to our database of current users and those who have pre-registered. Continue the hunt for a new social media manager. She will finalise the VI article, continue with community management, social media posting and marketing for the seedrs campaign.

Anon is continuing wallet research and wallet exchange integrations for One.

Daniel will continue working on groups and is close to V1 being ready.

Stevan also focusing on groups and assembling all pieces along with Daniel.

Milica this week will start testing groups. It’s work in progress still, but she is checking things that are done so far.

Abbas will work on Storyboard and Journal page related issues.

Bugs being worked on: Big bugs this week include continuing work on improving buffering and data consumption, and a very strange bug where sometimes Vids play with the soundtrack of another Vid on top of it.

Percentages complete:

  • Jag: 100%
  • Josh: 75%
  • Antek: 60%
  • Andy: 100%
  • Bec: 75%
  • Rohan: 100%
  • Daniel: 110%
  • Anon: 100%
  • Stevan: 100%
  • Milica: 100%
  • Veljko: 80%
  • Abbas: 50%




Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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Vybit Community

Vybit Community

Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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