VI Updates: 9–16 March

General updates

Our new website is live! You can now visit it here to check out Vid- Vi and One! Big shout out to Anon and our designers for getting this shipped so quickly.

Seedrs private is officially launching tomorrow. All those who have pre-registered will be contacted tomorrow to confirm their investments they’re interested in making. We hope to smash past our soft cap as we enter the public market, to give us the best go at this raise!

VI GIVEAWAY: This week we are launching a VI giveaway!

We’ll give the best Vid about Crypto $300USD in VI!

It could be any of these….

  • A Vid about your favourite crypto investment and why
  • A Vid about your biggest loss/biggest win
  • A Vid about crypto education, crypto news, or a Future blockchain innovation.
  • A Vid about why you love Vid (and VI!)

The purpose of this is for us to see how more ‘crypto styled’ content will look on Vid. Be as creative as you would like and think about different content types/styles/ways of communicating.

To enter the giveaway, make sure to use the hashtag #vigiveaway

The competition will be open until this Friday 12th March. We will choose the winning Vid based on which one we think is the best. We’ll announce the winner on Monday the 15th March.

Team updates

Jag (Co-Founder)this week will be working on Seedrs private sale and new UI/UX for the app (some super exciting work going on here).

Josh (Co-Founder)is working on Seedrs private sale and angel investor meetings.

Antek (CTO)is working on transcoding & groups this week.

Andy (Product) still can’t wait to start testing groups. (Hey there, Medic and Gremlin!!!) He’s hoping to get a new support ticketing flow built this week, pending Antek’s time. Focus pending, he’ll start working on the One wallet, starting to break it down into pieces, and defining the flows based on the designs.

Rohan’s (Data and Growth)roadmapping will chug along, as much work as he can after ‘Explore’. His main focus this week is Explore and Search improvements.

Bec (Marketing)will spend this week working on the new UI/UX concepts with Jag, the VI article is going through final DD (it’s now 11 pages), Seedrs private support and overseeing the upcoming giveaway.

Anon (Backend Dev/ Web Dev) has been very busy with our recent website which is now launched- he will continue supporting with some Seedrs tasks and iterating the website as we expand its features and functionalities.

Daniel’s (Backend dev)focus is continued on groups- “By the end of this week, v1 for groups will be ready for internal team”. This version will be tested internally before launching to our community.

Stevan (Client Dev)is working on finishing version 1 for internal testing. After that, more cool stuff will be in and available on TF in version 2!.

Milica (QA) is off for part of this week and then will resume with working closely with Daniel and Stephan, testing the new groups functionality as it gets closer to being complete.

Abbas (Client Dev) this week will work on Camera/User profile issues

Veljko (Client Dev) still working on the same bugs as the week prior which is proving to be very difficult.

Bugs being worked on: Big bugs this week (same as last week) include continuing work on improving buffering and data consumption, and a very strange bug where sometimes Vids play with the soundtrack of another Vid on top of it.

Percentages complete:

  • Jag: 75%
  • Josh: 75%
  • Antek: 80%
  • Andy: 50%
  • Bec: 70%
  • Rohan: 80%
  • Daniel: 100%
  • Anon: 100%
  • Stevan: 100%
  • Milica: 100%
  • Veljko: 40%
  • Abbas: 80%




Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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Vybit Community

Vybit Community

Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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