VI Updates: November 10-16


Jag is working on growth and marketing he wants to set some expectation around this:

“So the community has some pretty interesting pre conceived notions around Vid marketing. I sometimes feel like the community thinks the day we start marketing that everyone will wake up to see Vid on the news and huge billboards in Time Square. I want to outline what marketing will actually look like.

All of our marketing will be geared around user acquisition. We’ve been waiting to see a certain retention % before this begins, we’re happy with our retention numbers and product market fit and will now begin to turn the growth levers. This will not be an overnight blitz, it will be a gradual progression with the goal of 1mil users by the end of this year. You will see:

- Our main group of Vid signed Influencers posting (On Vid and on other socials)

- Influencers who have joined Vid without a formal deal and simply because the business model makes sense to them. They will mainly be posting on Vid and occasionally on other platforms about Vid.

- Paid influencers that do not have a formal deal and will be paid for user acquisition campaigns, across other social media platforms.

- Invite campaigns that involve receiving X vibes for inviting users on certain days.

- A new watermark about earning for Vids that are shared externally (big growth driver)

- Sharing score added to impact score (The more you share Vids externally the higher it is)

- Traditional news/media (Tv and print)

- Meme pages and similar accounts on other social platforms running specific paid campaigns.

- Traditional paid ads (FB/Google) to drive installs (lowest priority)

You will see a mixture of all of these as and when needed, with pulls on certain growth levers when others are slowing/saturated. Just please be patient and more importantly realistic, retaining the users that we acquire is crucial, this isn’t something that can be rushed. It requires constant experimentation and iteration, which is what we’re doing right now :)”

Josh is doing boring ops things and not as boring, prepping for scaling.

As always the case, Antek is planning to spend the sprint diligently focused on one task — this time the server refactor, take two — and yet we all know he’s going to be helping out on a bunch of projects. We’ll see what the week brings him! Whatever it is, we know it’ll be interesting!!



After talking with a few devs, Andy’s realized that the current onboarding experience for new team members isn’t as smooth as it should be. His primary goal this week is to put together a better plan for new employees. It’s a good sign — we’re getting big enough that people have to look for where to sit. Conceptually. Because we work remotely. Because of COVID. You guys know this. He’s also going to be working on the usual QA, NFT tags for the auctions, sprint management, and — if he can find several hours of uninterrupted calm — competitive analyses.


Bec, meanwhile, is continuing the ongoing search for new talent, both internal — the quest for a CMO and a new requisition for a videographer — and external (influencers!). She’s been doing outreach to and onboarding of influencers for several weeks now, and she’ll continue working on that this sprint. She’s also planning to update the app store, and kick off another advertising trial.


Rohan has been working closely with both Jag and Andy on tweaking old dashboards and planning out new dashboards, and both of those will continue this week. He’s also going to be kicking off a series of growth experiments, which should give us more insight into users and usage, and ways to improve the app through data.


I feel like we just introduced Aleksandar, and now we’ve got a new team member to onboard: Abbas! He started last week, and has already been tackling bugs in all areas of the app, getting his feet wet in the taut, well-crafted stream that is our code. His favorite movie is The Matrix, but isn’t that the case for all of us? His favorite food is baked beans, a curious choice. But between those two, I’m sure you see the logical next step: his greatest dev skill is seeing patterns and flaws in code, identifying problems, and then solving them. Abbas is always ready to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


One of the best things about agile development and scrum, as a manager, is you can play with incomplete features. Then you realize what was missing, or what would take the feature from good to outstanding. And that’s what happened with trimming. Jakub was finishing it, we played with it, it was great, but now it’s gonna be even better! So this Sprint, Jakub is going to be making some final feature changes to the trimming flow (thank you, Jakub!!!) and then is diving back into refactoring the storyboard.

Adam and Egor, meanwhile, are both fixing user-facing bugs, and making design changes to the downloaded video. Sorry, did we say downloaded video? We meant downloaded Vid!


Janusz is preparing for a big week. To start with, he’s going to make some UI changes to the “energy” bar, addressing some user confusion around it, and also clarifying the connection between the bar and the vibes. Once that’s sorted, he’s diving into Tags. It’s gonna be big. It’s going to be exciting, too.

Aleksandar started his sprint early, quickly fixing the endless load on profiles with zero Vids, and next he’s going to be working on refactoring, cleaning up the code for both localization (a longer-term goal) and image re-use. There won’t be any visible outcome from either of these, but development will be much faster after this work.


This week, Stevan is teaming up with Antek and Anonymous, migrating both user and object data over to Cassandra. This is something that will eliminate internal frustration and perhaps even some user-facing bugs. Speaking of user-facing bugs, Stevan is also attacking some of the small lingering ones, those that shouldn’t cause much trouble for users — but hopefully won’t cause him any either.

Speaking of bugs, Veljko is going to spend the week buried in them. To be honest, several of them are bugs he was hoping to fix last week, but were pushed aside for more important, unexpected projects. This week, he promises to beat those critters back!


Milica is all bugs this week, eagerly waiting for new builds to get cracking on. Hopefully she’ll be able to re-test trimming, as that’s what we’re most excited about. Maybe some improvements to landscape-/letterbox-handling too!!


Boris is continuing with his work on continuous integration and deployment, which was always predicted to be a long and involved task. He’s making some good headway!

Daniel and Anonymous have a full plate as well, mostly focused on migrating the user data and vid object data to Cassandra along with Stevan. Daniel’s also going to be helping out with some new endpoints to improve the Impact Score representation on Android and on the website. Anonymous will also work on the NFT tags with Andy, and — if he’s unblocked — make some display changes for the Impact Score on the website.




Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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Vybit Community

Vybit Community

Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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