VI Updates: November 30– December 7


Jags attention will be on growth levers and ramping up marketing efforts this week.

Josh will focus on working through some final technicalities of the Liquid listing while he also works on KYC checks for the upcoming airdrop.

Antek is spending this week investigating server video processing.



Andy is OOO this week with his incoming new born.


Bec will focus on promoting the new marketing video as well as the new app store video. She will assist with the next Bloomberg coverage preparation and design the user churn emails.
* The new VI Update video you will see with this article was also recently worked on.


Rohan will continue focusing on growth and monitoring the effects of changes/experiments we are running. In addition he will get a handle on our Vid user base, to understand how it has grown, when our users go passive, and uncover any follow/unfollow network trends. In addition, he will be looking into the sizeable number of users that are passive, and assessing re-engagement strategies.



Jakub is working on Appcompat class that will allow for differentiation in the different app paths for faulty devices (mostly impacting the older Android devices). He will also be focusing on camera analytics, preview analytics, minimum trimming of 1 second and additional trimming UX improvements (if we can create a day between Thursday and Friday to get all of this done).

Adam is OOO this week.

Egor will spend time on fixing bugs with flutter.


Janusz for the next week is mostly developing Tags on the mobile app side whilst also getting through some bugs.

Aleksander is adding a ‘scroll to the top’ feature on Vid’s journal and feed tabs on click to make navigation to the top of the page easier. He will also be adding support for 5 new languages as well as creating a document that will introduce new developers into our philosophy and code styling.


Steven will be focusing his time on finishing the share menu and also has a few bugs to work through when people are sending ‘vibes’.

Veljko will spend this week tweaking uploads, fixing the problem on account creation regarding profile picture uploads as well as fixing the problem with verification when the app is installed from the website.

Abbas is focusing on flutter for mobile development though will be getting involved in backend development as soon as the mobile bugs have lightened. He will also spend this week working on video editor bugs that have been found.


Milicia as always is testing, testing, testing everything that developers finish both backend and with the app. She will also be collecting issues reported in the google forms to pass onto the team.


Daniel will be focusing all his attention on tags.

Anonymous will be working on all things moderation so that Vid users get an email whenever we take an action on moderated videos.

Boris is currently working on a dev ops task related to the AWS configuration, CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous delivery) pipelines. Right now configuring Cassandra in AWS and integrating it with our new backend based on SpringBoot. This will basically help implement best practices for agile software development to help Vid achieve fast and stable development processes and scalable environments for high loads.



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Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.