VI Updates: October 6 — October 12


We are still working with KuCoin on a solution to withdrawals.

We’re putting finishing touches on the app so that initial marketing and growth can commence.

Antek is working on profile thumbnail uploads, automating music library updates and helping out on any fires that come up.


Over the last two months of getting Android up to parity with iOS *and* porting the iOS app to Flutter, we’ve de-prioritized a lot. Small bugs, issues that didn’t block release, or features we’d love to add but didn’t make it in. They’re all in a big list, dozens of pages long. Now it’s finally time to dig into that list, get rid of what’s no longer relevant, and find the true nuggets. We’ve also got some exciting improvements to the Vid editing flow that need to be documented.


Our video content creators are finishing a new App Store description video. We are also creating a Uni-swap trading video. We will continue posting daily videos for vid of the day. We are getting a new Vid Creator program developed and researching and creating an new influencer list in addition to the number that we already have signed up. We are getting the CMO position brief finalised and beginning to look for candidates. We are updating branding, marketing and the website.


Now that our basic analytics are functioning, the team is going to be working on building the “North Star” metrics — so we can make sure users and useage are both growing, and when they’re not, we can address them.



Jakub is almost entirely focused on fixing bugs this week. A lot of new ones appeared recently, and he’s determined to squash them. He’s hoping to start on the Storyboard refactoring project, but that’s not looking entirely likely at this point.

Adam, with Veljko’s help, is working on fixing all the bugs in the Android app’s video processing, and really optimizing it. To do this, they’re building a standalone app that does nothing but merges two clips, and then encodes them. If their app works better than the current one, we’ll merge their changes and release them to the community. Fingers crossed!


Juan is finishing up the extant Journal UI issues, as well as those around videos not appearing in the importer.

Janusz’s main task this week is implementing the frontend for In-App Purchase — allowing users to buy vibes within the app. (Yep, the same vibes that can be used to like content, and can be converted to VI on the website.) While users will still be able to buy VI directly, this will provide an easier flow for casual users. Janusz is also adding some enhancements for the Data Team, and handling some of the thrown errors that show up in debug mode, so that we have more fluent debugging. Neither of those will be user-facing, but both will make the team’s lives easier, and ultimately the app better.


Veljko will be making some UI changes to the Journal, collapsing past months so that users can scroll through their own content quicker, but most of his focus will be working with Adam on the encoding improvements.

Now that the app is out, Medic can take his long-overdue holiday (woohoo!), but don’t worry — he’ll be back soon.


Milica is continuing to raise and escalate bugs. Of course there are bugs, there always are. But we’re trying our best to exterminate them.


Anonymous is working on a new landing page for the website, which will look even better.

Daniel is juggling, to quote, “whatever comes in.” Some of it is code reviews, some is related to Cassandra. But it’s a lot of critical fixes and enhancements.

Boris plans to finish with limited user endpoints, the next step towards moving functionality from the current java app to the new Spring Boot app.




Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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Vybit Community

Vybit Community

Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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