VID Update: The Only Constant in Life Is Change

The Introduction

Greetings, VID Nation! VIDsters? VIDeographers? Anyway, it’s been a while, and we’re back in business. If you haven’t smelled it, change is in the air, and we cannot be more excited about what the future holds for VID. The last few months have been a struggle, to be sure. With the team changeover and the smoky, back-alley wheeling and dealing, the shroud of mystery has no doubt been a constant for the VID community. That is why we are thrilled to announce that the clouds have at last lifted. A partnership between a Swiss fund and local Emirati investors has joined forces behind VID. Building upon what has already been created, a new team play a key role in further collaboration, back-end work, development, and fostering the community. We have a vision to take what is already established here at VID, which is a strong starting point, and continue to build to make it the preeminent value income model in the social media space. The value of VID has been recognized by some affluent figures worldwide who believe this is a sleeping giant. We are thrilled to start this journey and can’t wait to get down to business.

The Team

While change is definitely here for VID, one of the greatest things about this transition is that in a lot of areas, there may be no change at all. We currently are in discussions to keep some members of the previous team on board. This combination of old and new will serve to make this transition as seamless as possible.

The Future

Let me reiterate, the future is bright for VID, so you better put on some sunglasses. We will break down some of the current updates we have for you, but keep in mind that more updates, announcements, and a roadmap will be released shortly.

The VID App

One of the first goals of the new development team is to fix current bugs and apply essential updates to the VID app. As you know, the cornerstone of this project IS the VID app, so we will be doing everything in our power to establish a higher performance standard for users worldwide. As we look at the app in its current state, several recent reviews and community reports indicate subpar performance with regard to crashes, functionality, and buffering speed. This has not gone unnoticed. This is not up to our standard, and it is being fixed. Along with these bug fixes, server improvements are being instituted in order to increase buffering speed and improve UI experience.


Once essential app and server updates are in place, marketing and partnering efforts will be kicked into overdrive, and we will be hitting the ground running. We have already established an important marketing partner to be announced soon, whose expertise will help propel growth for VID. This marketing campaign will kick in soon after the app refresh and updates are completed. Established partnerships of Nerd Finance will also continue to be utilized for mutual benefit.

One of the key elements of this transition is that VID has established a substantial financial backing from a strategic VC partner that will be beneficial to our expected growth. Funding is a key element in this space, the importance of which cannot be understated. We are thrilled to have it. This capital will allow for unbridled development of the platform. More information regarding finances, marketing, and partnerships will be announced as progress occurs.

The Community

While marketing and partnerships are fantastic, another priority in this transition is to foster organic marketing and growth. How do we do this? The answer is by engaging the community. The community is the spine of any project, and VID is no exception. We will do everything in our power to foster a community spirit, listen to the community, and WORK with the community to push this vision forward. We fully understand that we are nothing without you, and recognize that this is even more true in the social media space. Our team aims to be as open with the community as we possibly can. Regular updates across all of our channels, increased presence on various platforms, shared community files/documents, and regular AMAs will be a top priority. An engaged and passionate community = growth. This may sound cheesy, but it’s the truth. We are more than happy to answer questions, listen to suggestions, and develop relationships to foster growth. DM us any time.

What’s Next?

Although some details have been revealed, there is certainly more to be discussed as this transition evolves. Many contributors are working in the background to make this transition seamless. More Medium and Telegram updates will hit the airwaves soon regarding protocol adjustments, tokenomics, and a roadmap. Whatever happens as we develop, you can be safe in knowing that we will ALWAYS maximize value for our investors and holders.

Speaking of holders and transition, we should talk. We will be holding a Community AMA at some point next week (June 7–11). We will nail that date and time down soon, post it in the Telegram, and update it here. During this AMA, the team will be introducing themselves and detailing developments, as well as announcing new ones. We will also be taking any questions you may have, and will post a Community AMA document where questions and suggestions can be submitted beforehand. All AMAs will be posted in Medium/HackMD form after the AMAs.

We want to reiterate how excited we are for VID and to meet the community. We understand how long this process has been, and the fact that many of you stuck through it is admirable. You are the backbone of this project, and we can’t wait to work with you. Let’s use this time to join forces, share ideas, and work together to develop VID into an industry leader. The future of social media is a disruptive one, and it is right here at VID.

– Kellen (@HisDudeness47 on Telegram)




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