Vybit’s ERC-20 to Solana token swap supported by Liquid exchange has officially started

Vibers, we have great news.

Trading for our new Solana VI/USDC pair is live on Liquid Exchange.
This also means our ERC-20 to Solana token swap is now officially open.
We are happy to have partnered with Liquid and use their Multi chain technology to allow everyone to take part in Vybit on the Solana Network. You can read more about Liquid’s support of our swap for ERC-20 holders on: https://blog.liquid.com/vi-solana-token-swap

Trading of the $VI/USDC pair will go live on Liquid here: https://app.liquid.com/exchange/VIUSDC

Liquid has made it as easy as possible to swap your ERC-20 tokens to the new VI on the Solana Network. All you have to do is send your ERC-20 VI to Liquid (make sure to open an account with them first) and your tokens will be automatically swapped to Solana $VI, directly on your Liquid account.
The swap will be done at an 1:1 ratio, so you will keep the same amount of tokens as you already had. Withdrawals for Solana $VI tokens out of Liquid will be enabled once the swap is finalised on the 28th of February. Yes, we will also allow additional time on a case by case basis after that initial period for potential latecomers who will still need to swap their ERC-20 tokens.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our incredible community for showing patience as we went over this relaunch on Solana.
Now that we are officially listed and the swap is live, we can move forward with the next steps we have been preparing over the past months. We can’t wait to share these with you and we hope you’re as excited as we are.

Vibe on.

The Vybit team

About Liquid:

Founded in 2014, Liquid is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms serving millions of customers worldwide.
They are consistently ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges globally based on daily traded spot volume with deep BTC/JPY liquidity. They are focused on providing a great user experience & world-class service levels.
Liquid’s mission is to build a secure and progressive cryptocurrency ecosystem that suits all market participants.
At its core Liquid is an institutional-grade exchange that caters to the needs of blockchain projects and consumers alike with access to new markets and fiat gateways.

About Us:

Vybit is a short video social media app through which all users are financially rewarded based on their engagement. With Vybit users are rewarded for posting compelling content and interacting with the community to create the overall most inclusive experience for all users. The reward is a daily distribution of in-app Vibes which can then be redeemed for our native Solana token $VI. All users who contribute to and engage with the community share the value that they create for the platform proportionally based on their interaction and the popularity of their content. From casual users to full-time creators, everyone earns with Vybit.

The $VI token:

VI is the Solana based token powering the Vybit ecosystem. On the Vybit app users earn in-app coins: Vibes, which can then be redeemed 1000:1 for Vybit’s native Solana token $VI (Where 1000 Vibes = 1 $VI) creating a true social media and creator economy for the people interacting and using the app.

Vibes are used on the Vybit app for users to interact with people in the same way as “Likes”: on Vybit, users don’t “like” content, they Vibe it, which creates a continuous transfer of value between users on the platform and rewards all users and creators fairly and proportionally. As a platform Vybit redistributes 70% of its advertising revenue back to $VI holders via its deflationary tokenomics, meaning the value of $VI will constantly grow over time with the growth of the Vybit social media app.




Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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Vybit Community

Vybit Community

Vybit is a social media app that rewards users and creators with Vibes for the value they generate. Vibes can be swapped to VI, a Solana based cryptocurrency.

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